Airstream EU UK towing advice and airstream game

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Ok then, Vintage Airstreams would like you to try parking Wally Byams famous GOLD Vintage airstream at Airstream HQ car park in Ohio, be careful that’s my whaletail bubble parked on the top left. If you manage to do it please drop us a line to claim a t-shirt  –

How to Tow for new airstream owners and anyone else interested in road safety

How NOT to Tow

While weight ratios may not be law, they are common sense that many caravanners follow…….


Photos of Wally Byams #1 trailers, first the GOLD Airstream which is currently owned by Airstream Inc in Ohio, second the 1955 prototype bubble owned by us at –


Wally Byam Gold Airstream

Wally Byam #1 trailer 1955 prototype bubble



1/. do i need a new axel?

2/. what size of trailer can i tow?

3/. what size of car do i need?

4/. what about electric brakes, can i still use them?

5/. what’s all this about the EU Type approval system?

6/. what will invalidate my car insurance?

7/. is the difference between 50mm and 2 inches anything to worry about?

8/. can i keep the original look yet still be EU road legal?

9/. what do the yanks do and which is better?

10/. can i still get white walls tyres for EU rims?

11/. I’m driving an imported car, does that make a difference?

12/. I drive an old banger, does that change things?

13/. How does the ‘streisand’ effect (nose weight) impact road use and how can i adjust?

Airstream nose weight

The answer to all thirteen questions is the same –

Answer/. Contact Vintage Airstreams for a consultation and a peace of mind solution to get you GLamping sooner rather than



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Vintage Airstreams Wanted to buy - Top dollar paid.
We purchase via our a New York State company.

Dale "Pee Wee" Schwamborn, A relative of Wally Byam and his close friend who travelled on many caravans with Wally. Nice T-Shirt Pee Wee!  -


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